Is Atlas for You?

Are early access games for me? Are they for you? We’ve been warned, the early access label means a game is under construction, barely beta. Think twice. Expect delays, outages, and other unpleasant surprises. How many Atlas adventurers have given up? Asked for a refund? Determined that Atlas is nothing more than a cut and... Continue Reading →

Independent Developers Monthly Spotlight: Flippfly

As a self-published author, I have an appreciation for indie’s or independent artists, creatives, and small companies that struggle to discover their voice, to find their audience, and to get their products noticed despite commercial brand’s abilities to mass produce, mass market, mass advertise. I’d never thought much about independent game developers until I researched... Continue Reading →

Back In The Game

My thoughts to your thoughts – ur, I mean this is for those who used to play games before life usurped free time. It’s dedicated to those interested but too shy to try. In the past year or two, I’ve slowly emerged from my turtle shell of adulting into a tantalizing paradise of games and... Continue Reading →

Book Blurbs

Instead of writing, jeez don’t roll your eyes at me, I was taking a break scrolling through Facebook. You know, to give my brain a break. Well, anyway an ad was playing a video that caught my attention. I didn’t turn on the sound but read the subtitles on how this person did this one... Continue Reading →

What’s a Writer To Do?

What’s harder, writing or marketing a book? After publishing The House on Moss Swamp Road in October, I have a total of four reviews. I’ll be honest, I’m thrilled to have them. But I’m told I need 20 or more for Amazon to include them in the also bought and you might like lists. To... Continue Reading →


I answered the office phone. My husband asked, "Have you heard?" “Heard what?” My mind immediately jumped to last night’s terrible event in Las Vegas. Did we know someone who had been killed or hurt at the country concert? “Tom Petty died.” His words shocked me. The refrain ‘the day the music died’ from American... Continue Reading →

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