August 18, 2020 – Gardenkeeping

I didn’t hear the storm last night, but it must have poured. The rain washed out the gravel between the garage and the blueberries. It’s also caused several tomatoes to split.


Tomato plants in the raised beds and two in pots on the back deck had snapped stems, dropped tomatoes, and were beaten down. No plants were lost.

Pruning and staking took all morning. The indeterminate tomatoes have grown past their 7-foot stakes. The clips that arrived a day or so ago came in handy.

Despite the heat, humidity, and hornworms, tomato flowers are blooming – the plants are not ready to call it quits. Yet.

The weeds and grass are out of control with three straight days of rain. Dick mowed, and I hoed.

Marigolds crowding out the blueberry bushes

The marigolds were too good of a success and outgrew their space, time to cut them and add them to the compost pile.

Hoop House

The tomatoes that lined the front walk are hoop house residence. Tomato reels replaced wooden stakes.

The day ended well. The property isn’t as furry with the grass cut. Weeds around the beds and the logs will be dealt with another day.

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