August 19, 2020 – Housewarming Gifts

Hoop House It felt awesome getting the front-walk tomatoes into the hoop house. Of course, seconds later, Dick and I thought of several things the hoop house needed immediatly. Ventilation, irrigation, and information about its climate. Time to go shopping. Even with the 40% shade-cloth covering the hoop house, it was warm and the air... Continue Reading →

August 18, 2020 – Gardenkeeping

I didn't hear the storm last night, but it must have poured. The rain washed out the gravel between the garage and the blueberries. It's also caused several tomatoes to split. Garden Tomato plants in the raised beds and two in pots on the back deck had snapped stems, dropped tomatoes, and were beaten down.... Continue Reading →

August 17, 2020 – Hoop House

Finally, working outside is manageable. Gone is the swimming-in-your-clothes feeling because of the high humidity and changing multiple times because you're soaked. Meaning less laundry. Dick and I survived July and half of August by only working an hour or so before retreating to the pool for a quick cool down. That pool is a... Continue Reading →

August 15, 2020 – Tomato Hornworms

What’s lime green, fat as your finger, and snacks on tomato, pepper, and potato plants? Tell me how many hornworms you found in the picture. A hobby gardener suddenly turned homesteader, I knew about these tomato hornworms and their voracious hunger. Earlier in the growing season, Dick spotted one on a potato plant and then... Continue Reading →

August 14, 2020

Prepping the Fall Garden I’m up early to check the progress of the garden. Bands of heavy and light rain alternate, making it difficult to check on the pole beans in Zone C. That’s the garden plot next to the sawmill, where the nearly complete hoop house sits. Too curious to care about staying dry,... Continue Reading →

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