Hickory Landing’s History

Dick and Jane had an event in June 2018 that changed them in a big way.

Oh, they didn’t realize the change at first. It settled in slow like how the day turns into night. It was subtle. A whisper of doubt that didn’t subside but grew in volume until Dick had to ask the uncomfortable question. Was their place on the pond too much to handle?

They needed help. A lot of help.

Even before Dick and Jane reached their house knew that trees were across the drive after receiving calls from the propane and exterminator companies. They just didn’t know how much work it would take to clear the road.

A dead Hickory crashed and had taken two white oaks with him. Clean up was going to take a long time.

Almost two years.

During that time, Dick and Jane have come to love the outdoors, bought a tractor, a sawmill, and an excavator. The weekends are now reserved for playing outside. They no longer have doubts that living on the pond is too much. Come watch the finale.

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