February’s Short but Sweet

February’s a really special month for Dick and Jane. It’s when they said, “I do,” thirty-eight years ago. The day was sunny and warm, wedding-perfect. That old adage must be true about time flying when you’re having the time of your life; years melt away, and leave behind cherished memories.

2020 has already been a wild ride of upside-downs and downside-ups. Dick and Jane weren’t even planning to buy a John Deere 35G excavator, Digger. One day soon, they’ll tell you what it was that made up their minds on the spot.

It was much like when Dick proposed to Jane after being introduced a month earlier. The question “Will you marry me?” popped into his brain and out his mouth one-nanosecond later. Likewise, Jane answered, “Yes,” in under a split-second. Still, to this day, Dick and Jane know what they want and don’t dally about with decision making.

That’s how it was a year ago when Dick and Jane agreed that they had to do something more with the fallen trees than splitting them into firewood. After a month of YouTube research, they took off work to train on the new Wood-Mizer LT35 sawmill they’d just bought, took it home, and started sharing their adventures with you folks. Delivery Day

Check out On The Pond with Dick and Jane’s first video: Delivery Day

Dick and Jane wanted me to tell you all “Thanks” for helping them get to one-hundred subscribers on their YouTube Channel in under a year. It allows them to share their love of the outdoors and an outlet for their creativity. They look forward to the time you will share your stories with them.

Carma’s sign is planted deep in the ground with a little help from Digger

Special Note: Especially hard this month for Dick and Jane was saying goodbye to Carma, their fourteen-year-old pup. She loved her doggie ice cream, which probably kept her hanging on another 6 months. Carma was a sweet girl, mild-mannered and well-behaved. However, she had ways of letting you know when you’d done her wrong; she’d picked up a few cuss words along the way.

Carma might not appreciate the loud equipment Dick and Jane ran on the weekends. But she loved walking down the drive all the way to the road. Otherwise, it wasn’t a walk. Carma’s Walk was put up in her memory.

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