2019 New Year Resolutions – A Love-Hate Relationship

Before the ball drops from its pinnacle in New York City’s Times Square, did you reflect on the past 365 days? Did you make resolutions for the new year ahead?

I used to make resolutions. You know, the typical ones like save money, weight loss, exercise more, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Along the way, I stopped that practice realizing the goals became elusive or forgotten or exchanged for the latest shiny thing to cross my path. Gym membership is a good example of how people start out strong in January and then slowly fall away by the third and fourth month.

So, are there successful ways to set goals and follow through?

As 2019 draws closer, its pristine pages are already cluttered with to-do’s, appointments, and just the necessities of life like grocery shopping, haircuts, going to school or work. Is there a way to pin down dreams, to draw them into our everyday life, so they become a reality?

I’ve formulated a three-step plan I hope will keep me focused on want I want to accomplish. Next December, we’ll know if I was successful.

Moogie Moo’s Three Step Plan to Accomplish Goals, that she just came up with after playing thirty hours of Atlas and eating too much sugar.

  • First, keep goals grounded in current areas of interest, focus where you want growth. Based on prior experience, you’ll have an idea what can be accomplished in a year. It’s okay to stretch to make it a reality.
    • In 2017, I signed up to write a novel in 100 days over the summer with other writing enthusiasts. Every Friday, chapters were submitted into the form for accountability. It’s an experience I cherish though at times I doubted I’d succeed.
    • If you do decide to jump into something unknown seek mentors and leaders in the field. There are so many ways to learn these days. Take advantage of others willing to share their experiences on YouTube, and blogs.
  • Second, set aside time to work toward your goal. Schedule it. Write it in a calendar. Keep the appointment.
    • Guard your time and turn it into a habit.
    • Show up, even when you don’t want to.
    • Achieving goals doesn’t happen by accident. Make a plan, revisit the plan, revise the plan.
  • Third, announce your goal. Shout it, share it, show it.
    • Have you met people who can’t stop talking about the love of their life? Every time you see them, you know what they’ll talk about. True story: I met a woman who loved cows. She turned every conversation, no matter the subject, back to her herd of heifers.
    • You need to share with family and friends your goals, your schedule, your progress.
    • Do you know the lyrics to Sing by the Carpenters? Make it your motto. Replace the word sing with what you want to do. I love this line, Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. That’s right, write it down, say it out loud, don’t keep your goals secret.

Moogie Moo’s 2019 Goals to Accomplish

  • Complete the final draft of Veiled Horizons – A book about a teenage girl who must decide to follow her dreams or make peace with her family. Begin the process to be traditionally published (stepping out into the unknown).
  • Write a weekly blog about gaming, book reviews, and other interests
  • Take online writing classes
  • Stream in the afternoons
  • Schedule goals around life, work, and family
  • Shout, Share, and Show for accountability (Check)

Leave a comment if you want to shout out your goals for 2019. Together we can keep each other focused and accountable.

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