Back In The Game

My thoughts to your thoughts – ur, I mean this is for those who used to play games before life usurped free time. It’s dedicated to those interested but too shy to try.

In the past year or two, I’ve slowly emerged from my turtle shell of adulting into a tantalizing paradise of games and all of its paraphernalia. Similar to Jungle Book’s Mowgli, I’m learning that cute and cuddle things can kill – your self-control, pocketbook, time.

I’m hacking my way through a gazillion choices, such as what consoles to buy, what games to purchase, and what services to employ. To date, I have an Xbox, PS4, PC games and now I’m told – get the Nintendo Switch.

Rusty like the tinman until Dorothy oiled his joints, I’m stretching my creaky gamer fingers around new controller forms or stumbling around the keyboard’s W, S, A or D.   Games on PC, not sure their my favorite forte. Diablo III anyone?

A Rumpelstiltskin, I have a plethora of games to sort through, past and present and future. Which will keep me enraptured for hours of ultimate gameplay? Which red, red apple do I pluck?  It’s too easy to hit the download button.

When I asked for advice, each of my sons had a different preference. They turned the question back around to me.

What type of games did I want to play?

What platform?

Who did I want to play with?

Finally, a question I knew the answer too. “I want to play games with my granddaughters.”

Then play Minecraft!

Minecraft has stood the test of time. Each year major updates are released like Aquatic, which brought life to the oceans. Next year, Minecrafters are anxiously awaiting pandas, bamboo, and villagers that pillage.

Minecon, the Minecraft annual conference drives home it’s a small world, after all. It’s a global celebration.

Thanksgiving weekend I found Inspiration Island, a tutorial of sorts for Minecrafters who want to understand the mechanics of being a creative. Endless possibilities zipped into my mind as I journeyed into the five lands and into the heart of the sanctuary to the mysterious of controlling time and weather.

If you haven’t played, give it a try. There might be a child in your life who can introduce you to the wonderful world of your imagination.

Visit my YouTube Channel to find out more about fun with Minecraft. 

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