The House on Moss Swamp Road

What an exciting week. Two years of work culminated today when I hit the Publish button on my first novel, The House on Moss Swamp Road.

I have many people to thank. If Tim, my middle son, hadn’t written Platform 21, I wouldn’t be writing this blog today. Thanks, Tim!

Writing can consume you. Beautiful days pass you by, but you don’t realize it. Your nose is stuck in the computer writing the perfect prose, researching, or checking social media for a quick break. You stay there because of a deadline.

A big thanks to my husband who let perfect boating days slip by when I needed time to get another chapter written. I promise not to take on another writing challenge in the middle of summer. See, I put it in writing.

Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely venture. When I decided to write, I joined an online community, Becoming Writer. People from all over the world with varied interests come together on Fridays and submit a chapter, a poem, a blog posting, or whatever. What happens next is what helped me finish my first novel. The people who shared their stories, critique others and get their stories critiqued in the process. It’s an incredible learning experience.

A huge shout out to my beta readers: Judy&David, Diane, Dave&Trish and my granddaughters (who let me read to them), and my Maryland Writer Association critique group. Thanks for finding plot holes, missing words, wrong words, and the multitude of other issues. Thanks for making me look good!

Also, a big thanks goes out to my editor, Victoria Rae Schmitz who knows all my bad habits and Regina Wamba (Mae I Design) who created the beautiful cover design.

I know I’ve forgotten others. Please forgive me. I’ll give you parts in my next novel. Yep, I’ve already written the first draft.

Write, read, share, and repeat,

M. J. Patrick

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